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How do I search for a product on your website?
If you are looking for a specific product, simply enter the product name or brand into the "Search" box on our website. You can use also our Main Menu and our refine search/

I would like some information not included in the product description
The product description contains all the information we have at our disposal. If you need additional information contact customer services to find out if any more is available.

I can not see some products, how come?
If you do not see some products in the catalogue, it means we have a sales restriction for your country, so you cannot buy them.

Do you also have a printed catalogue?
No, our catalogue is only online.

Do the prices in the catalogue include VAT?
Yes, our prices include VAT

What is the minimum order?
There is no minimum order, but if you want to get Free Shipping buy over 250 Euros

Can I enter two different billing and shipping addresses?
Yes, it is possible. As you complete your order, you can enter a different delivery address from the billing address.

How long does it take to respond to an email?
We guarantee a response within 48 working hours (Monday to Friday)

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